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  • Kasper Holten: “I am not someone who looks to personal likes or dislikes when making professional decisions about staff issues.”

      Kasper Holten is ending his leading role as director of Royal opera house in London. He decided not to extend his contract for other 6 years in behalf of his family. In following interview, he shares more of his leadership attitude, importance of parenthood, courage of taking uncompromising decisions and risks in sake of […]

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  • Morgan Pearse: about the winner´s mindset, discipline in training, progress evaluation, and choosing the right coach.

    Seeing Morgan Pearse, Australian baritone, in the second round of the Cesti competition, it was clear he was going to be a winner. You cannot evaluate a musical performance based on measurable units. If you are a jury member or a listener sitting in an audience, you have your inner barometer, either conscious or unconscious, […]

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