I love theatre and music. I used to watch all the operas running in the opera house where my mum played in orchestra. My father used to take me to all the recording sessions he did as sound engineer, mostly works of classical music.

I loved meeting those different artists – musicians, composers, publishers – and discussing all kinds of issues.

I started performing at the age of two, and later I studied classical opera singing and baroque music interpretation. My passion for contemporary music led me to different vocal schools and cross-genre performances in the role of performer, writer and producer. However I kept performing standard operatic repertory, and that always gave me a good basis for contemporary performance. My voice work connected me with people from different areas who wanted to improve their voices and stage performance, including how they moved their bodies onstage, whether they were actors, singers, showmen, spokesmen or radio and TV presenters.

Seeing people growing as performers has been one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever experienced.

Their different ways of understanding voice and stage energy broadened my own knowledge about the voice and communication through performance.

The idea of keeping our bodies in excellent condition as a basis for great performance made me a nerd in nutrition, environmentalism and creating a sustainable lifestyle. In collaboration with artists, life hackers, environmental scientists and my creative team, we‘ve developed a brand MALINNA, marketing superior quality organic cosmetics produced by our family company.

I love coffee and wine, dancing, the ocean, the smell of a new book, Meryl Streep, and discussions with my friends.