I started singing at a young age and had my first vocal lessons at the age of 7. Afterwards I sang in my school’s choir and had coaching from time to time. However, in just a few lessons with Dominika, I discovered so many – to me yet unknown – possibilities to work with my voice and my whole body. She makes you come out of your comfort zone and shows you ways and techniques to do things – that you never knew you could. In her lessons I learned to how to express myself not only through singing, but also body language and the right support through breath. I am looking forward to keeping on working with her.

Julia Stiegler, actress, Innsbruck (AT)

The alternative approach of the coach helped me to overcome many acting difficulties such as stage fright. This happened mostly thanks to improvisation, which has been the cornerstone of the workshop. Dominika worked with us very sensitively and in a friendly way, the atmosphere has been relaxed and comfortable, and this has been for me the main impulse for effective creative process.

Samuel Borsík, actor (SK)

Thanks to Dominika I discovered principles of resonance in my own body, corrected my pronunciation and sound of my voice. I have learned how to use my breath in order to sustain my speech. I started using muscles I have not been aware of in order to support my body posture. Coming to her lessons I knew a patient, well-balanced and friendly coach was waiting for me. She always knew how to motivate and support me. I could use all gained knowledge at my presentations, even profiting from the learned breathing technique benefits during Spartan races I regularly participate in.

Martin Bruncko, author of Life without food, speaker, entrepreneur and sportsman (SK)

Dominika helped me connect more deeply with my own voice and my own being. She is such a great teacher, always patient, keeping you on your toes during sessions. I still remember vividly, while practicing a song by G.F. Händel, how great it felt when everything clicked together!

Hogne Kirkebo, professional coach and motivational speaker (NO)