Single lessons are the most efficient way to build up your voice performance. Each person is unique and therefore the ways to the same goals may dramatically vary. Individual approach is crucial to extend your possibilities, reconnect your voice with your body and mind, and go public!

most frequent problems and issues:

  • they always say: “sorry, can you repeat?”
  • my voice is so husky in the morning…!
  • …can´t sing! But I would love to!
  • …loosing my voice talking all day long at work.
  • talking public is a nightmare…

Maybe you face these topics or you would just love to find new way of discovering your own possibilities. So what do you gain by getting in?

Connected with voice:

  • extended volume, color and tone control
  • precise hearing and intonation
  • freedom and instant voice relaxation

Connected with body:

  • body awareness and right posture
  • deeper breathing and muscle relaxation
  • physical energy and capacity of using it

Connected with mind:

  • concentration
  • inner silence in tensed situations
  • improvement of listening and intuition

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